Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Here I am!

I love hide and seek (even though we weren't hiding). So glad you found me! Mom moved my blog. And changed how it looks. Now its all pinkified. Sorry to all my boy friends.

Mom went grocery shopping over the weekend. I didn't get to go with her sadly... but stores won't allow cutie pies such as myself inside. I can't imagine why! Anyway, Mom came home with this yellow box. It had bears on it. When Mom opened the box, it smelled SO good. She started eating them... Mom felt so sorry that she later made me my own cookies! Mine were in the shapes of hearts instead of bears. They tasted sososososo good..... maybe she'll share her recipe one day. She said she's still perfecting it, but I thought they tasted scrump-dittily-umptious!!

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